Located at the dental center at:

Chekhov Street, 7, Ternopil, 46003

Tel.: (0352) 22.04.13

Head of Department

PhD, Associate Professor

Alexander Avdeev

Department staff:

• Hevkalyuk Natalia -

PhD , Associate Professor, responsible for the introduction of credit -modular system.

• Yakymets Mariana -

PhD , associate professor in charge of the scientific work and the work of SSS

• Bandrivsky Yuri -

assistant in charge of the department Web site

• Martyts Yuri -

assistant , responsible for working with foreign students

• Pynda Mariana - assistant

• Mikhailyuk Vitaly -

Assistant is responsible for clinical work

• Posolenyk Larisa -

senior analyst responsible for the practice of students

• Kuchyrka Lesya-

senior analyst responsible for the documentation of clinical work

• Zmarko Julia

senior analyst responsible for methodological support.

• Vydoynyk Oksana

senior analyst responsible for research.

• Mysula Natalia

senior analyst responsible for the technical work of the department Web site .

• ChorniiVladimir -


• Jaworska Oksana -

laboratory responsible for the mode of sterilization instruments

The Department of Pediatric Dentistry (2012)


September 1, 2004 was established dental department . The date of establishment of the department is in January 2006 , when the students of 2nd year dental faculty began studying dental disciplines , namely propedeutics therapy , child and prosthodontics . Department of Stomatology was located in the school building on the street Ruska , 12. At that time she worked Dentistry Department , headed by MD, Professor Stepan Cherkashyn .

In September 2006, the Department conducted reform dentistry and set up three specialized departments: propedeutics dental disciplines (Chair - Professor Cherkashyn Stepan ), Therapeutic and Pediatric Dentistry (Head of department - professor Alexander Avdeev ), surgical and prosthetic dentistry (Head of department - professor Nagirniy Yaroslav ). Base Dental Faculty was diagnostic and treatment center on the street Chekhova 7.

In order to improve the quality of teaching and training students in dental , improve teaching , research and medical help Department of Preventive and Pediatric Dentistry reorganized into two departments: Department of Preventive Dentistry and Department of Pediatric Dentistry . Department of Preventive Dentistry PhD Luchynskyy Michael , Department of Pediatric Dentistry PhD . Alexander Avdeev . Department of Pediatric Dentistry is a dental center at st. Chekhov , 7.

Dental Center - base Department of Pediatric Dentistry


The department teaches the following courses for students of Faculty of Dentistry: Dentistry propaedeutics child therapy, prevention of dental diseases, pediatric dentistry, pediatric dental surgery, orthodontics. The department is equipped classrooms and clinical rooms, equipped according to modern requirements.

Due to the fact that Ukraine is a European educational space, the development of dental sciences in our country should be adapted and aligned with the processes occurring in Europe. In TSMU them. I.Gorbachevskogo of the 2006-2007 academic year system was introduced one day, which included the transition to a new model of teaching process, which is based in the practical orientation of teaching subjects with a shift in emphasis from theory to practice in the maximum practical guiding all subjects, allowing students to understand the need to study this discipline

Practical classes from propedeutics child dentistry for 2 year student

Practical training in child dentistry propedeutics for 2 year student

Preferred method of "One Day" provides an opportunity for all students have the day of the department to perform a large amount of practical work to solve complex problems thoroughly master the practical skills, spend more time curation patients under the supervision of a teacher. With appropriate incentives and sufficient logistics skills students master skills working with patients, ability to work with assistants in the "four hands" work out correct technique of anesthesia, stages of cavity preparation, the use of additional devices (koferdam, matrix, refractive thread).

Independence work for 5 year student

Seminar of classes conducted by Assistant V. Zayats

A more difficult step mastering of practical skills is part of endodontic treatment, including modern methods of development and root canal teeth (procedure Step-Back, Crown-Down). 4th year student in thepractical part of studies conducted clinical examination of periodontal patients, diagnosed after developing a treatment regimen, learn to make and impose a periodontal dressing. Method of splinting teethgrinding and selective students spend on the mock. The inability to perform some matrykulyarni skills individual students in the practice, the department created all the conditions for students outside school hours under the supervision of another teacher.

Practice classes conducted PhD Yakymets M.M.

To improve the quality of children's dentistry assimilation developed and implemented in the educational process illustrated situational problem. Illustrated situational tasks consist of text and illustrated partswhich may contain different visual material - the photo appearance of the patient, the enlarged area of the pathological focus, a set of radiographs, the types of tools that are needed for diagnostic or therapeutic manipulation or any other material which the items depends on the task.

Anthropometric measurements on models of jaws controlled assistant Mykhailiuk V.M .4th year students spend during classes from Orthodontics

Experience of training students in pediatric dentistry showed that significantly contribute to an adequate and full of practical skills such teaching aids like videos and movies, computer programs. They intensify the teaching material to stimulate interest in the subject matter and cause active thinking.

Assistant Martyts Yu.M. demonstrates training-themed video

In videos be sufficiently adequately show the algorithms of practical skills. Also important is the fact that the presence of film or video content is always the possibility for 8-10 minutes to demonstrate theperformance of individual stages.

A comprehensive review promotes professional interest criterion increases the importance of the information received in the future activities of various dental specialties. Complex clinical problems whose solution requires interdisciplinary integration, encourages independent search for knowledge develops creative cognitive ability and academic activity.

5 th year student treats the patient

Research Department

Research of the department addresses the etiology and pathogenesis , and to optimize the treatment and prevention of common dental diseases. The department during the year doctoral and master's thesis – A.V. Avdeev , V.M. Mikhailyuk

Planned and executed one doctoral and 12 master's theses. Currently testing passed a dissertation :

Planned :

Doctor :

• Hevkalyuk Natalia

Clinical and laboratory study correction of homeostasis of the oral cavity in children with influenza and other respiratory viral infections and their prognostic score

Candidate :

• Lebid Oksana

Clinical-labolatory aspects of periodontal tissue diseases in children with overweight

• Martyts Yuri

Comparative evaluation of methods of functional diagnostics for bruxism

• Punda Mariana

The Regional Prevention of dental caries in children Ternopil region

• Posolenyk Larissa

Age features of remodeling structures submandibular gland in postrezektion pulmonary hypertension.

• Kuchyrka Lesia

The role of melatonin in the regulation of cholinergic adrenaline damaged heart honadektomovany rats.

• Luchynska Julia

Features occurrence of dental diseases dysmetabolitic children with kidney disease

• Vydoynyk Oksana

Dental status of children with asthma and methods for correcting failures.

• Duda Katherine

Pathogenetic peculiarities of acute periodontitis streptozotozynindukovanoho against diabetes.

• Zmarko Julia

Optimizing treatment of gingivitis in children and adolescents

Clinical work CHAIR

On the basis of the branch " Medical and Diagnostic Center SHEE " Ternopil State Medical University named after I.Ya. Gorbachevskogo " established dental, the purpose of which - the creation of educational and practical framework for the dental faculty departments , improve the learning process , improving the quality of vocational training and retraining of medical training, improving the delivery of highly specialized and consultative medical care to students and staff of the University , another contingent of the population , the more effective implementation of research , testing of new medical technologies.

The department provides a full range of dental care for children , including child therapy , child dental surgery , orthodontics. Note that the full range of dental care at the dental center for low-income populations and children available. Currently, employees of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry spend free rehabilitation of orphans and children deprived of parental care.

Free rehabilitation of children deprived of parental care students spend 5 th year student

Department of Pediatric Dentistry is equipped with modern facilities. In clinical rooms are dental units Satva - type combination ( NV4 ) Satva Combe ( TV4 ), only has 8 dental units . In order to optimize the treatment of children in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry Clinic held re classrooms with children dentistry , children dental surgery , orthodontics, oral hygiene rooms in compliance with modern standards of design.

Students and medical interns receive practical skills, treats dental diseases such as dental caries, caries process complication , non-carious lesions of dental hard tissues , periodontal disease, oral mucosa . Under the supervision of the department gives ambulatory surgical dental care at the surgery tooth extraction , atypical deletion, resection of the root apex , plastic bridles, open subperiosteal abscesses , and others. Students and medical interns are able to virtually consolidate the theoretical knowledge in clinical pediatric dentistry , gain work experience and communication with children of all ages.

In order to improve health education teachers work with students of departments Faculty of Dentistry started lessons Care childcare and general education schools. In a theatrical students in an accessible form for children teaching them skills in oral hygiene , clearly demonstrating methods of teeth cleaning . Such events motivate children to respect regular oral hygiene , which in turn reduces cariesogenic situation in the mouth. The staff of the department provides routine medical consultation and work among people of Ternopil , held prevention reviews, routine visits to parts of the region , and conducting health education of the population.

The department adopting modern methods of treatment of dental caries and its complications, mucous membrane and periodontal disease , using modern filling materials, means and methods of endogenous and exogenous prevention of dental caries .

PhD A.V. Avdeev diagnoses of lesions of dental hard tissues

Business Clinic Department of Pediatric Dentistry provided by medical staffing workload of the department. The entire volume of the work is fixed in the relevant approved accounting and reporting formsMoH Ukraine (Order № 302 of 27.12.1999 year) that are stored in front Dental Center and the department, as well as medical reports submitted to the healing of the University.